Vision Means Passion Whats Yours?

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Interestingly, the word vision can be interchangeable with the word passion.
But small business owners often forget to promote the true reason for being in business. They"ve lost touch with their passionate vision.
Passion is defined as an intense, driving, or overmastering feeling or conviction. Vision means unusual discernment or foresight a person of vision.
Our vision (passion) is that intense driving conviction of unusual foresight that involves people in our story.
It is an authentic story because it comes from our heart. It"s the reason we do what we do. And authentic stories are how we persuade people to use our service or product (ideas) over many other choices.
But for a majority of people in small business, vision is lost somewhere between starting the business and dealing with the daytoday challenges and opportunities that arise.
Ask Yourself This QuestionWhy did you go into business in the first place?
ike many people, you probably got started with a vision you felt passionate about. Somewhere along the line you fell victim to daytoday, reactive thinking and never returned to your original business vision. It became diluted and never rose from the ashes again.
What Can I Do to Rediscover My Vision?
Remembering the reason you started your business is the first step. Follow the action steps below to rediscover it.
Next, tell people the story of how you got started and why you love what you do. That story should be on your marketing collateral, web site, sales presentations and phone messages.
Passion is that single, illusive thing that attracts clients. Passion helps you stand out from other businesses who are selling rather than telling a passionate, authentic story about a unique business vision.
Action Steps to Develop Your Vision

1. Create an Authentic Vision Story. Start by considering the reason you started your business in the first place. Think back, when you first started out, what were you excited about?

2. Write down one sentence that tells the value you provide to others. This is the true reason anyone is in business.

3. Next, write down your competitive advantage. How are you different than the competition?

4. ist single sentence statements that tell people your identity. Remember, image is dead. Clients and prospects need a strong authentic identity to understand exactly who you are and what you stand for.

5. Add your niche to this list. What single group of people do you best serve?

6. ist the type of client you most enjoy working with. Include both professional and personal qualities. Understand who your ideal client is.

7. Weave the 6 points above into a compelling story.

8. Memorize that story. Focus on your ideal client only. Tell every ideal prospect you talk to this week your Authentic Vision Story.

9. The results will surprise you. Your prospects will seem more receptive. Your clients will be more willing to help you spread the word.
Follow these steps and you are guaranteed to find more enjoyment in your business.


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