The Synergy of Vision

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Over the years I have experienced some amazing results with people who have been secure enough to view their leadership or personal capacity through the eyes of corporate vision.
In one situation, the general manager stood down in preference to his assistant taking his role. They changed roles and the result was growth and expansion for the organisation, greater synergy and momentum.
A person"s visionary capacity will determine the outcome!
eading people or an organisation without a clear Mental vision, is the last place you should be.
Power games, position seeking, and climbing the corporate ladder can never fulfil the requirements of vision. eading others (whether it be in your own business or in an organisation) will most likely bring frustration and a slowing down of momentum.
An organisation that has not established its core values and vision will unlikely keep visionaries within it.
Visionaries will likely take less pay, work longer hours and suffer extreme circumstances that nonevisionaries would quit over.
Why is that? Because the buy in factor, goes way beyond natural circumstances and into the realms of values. Value in a natural sense we put a price on, whereas vision is priceless.
The amazing thing about vision is it is not impoverished. It will reward in the end, way beyond our primal anticipation.
What value would you put on vision?
Ask Martin uther King junior. or maybe Winston Churchill!
I can guarantee they did not look for a vision, the vision looked for them. It arrested them and consumed their life. They lived within the parameters of their vision and died spent, yet fulfilled by it.
Vision is the awakening of our life"s purpose and the force that compels us to exist!
It moves us from country to country in the search for people of similar spirit. It stands for something rather than falling for anything.
Vision will either empower you, or expose your vulnerabilities.
As for me, I would rather live in pursuit of my life purpose, than exist within the restrictive fences of being Mr average.
Personal Empowerment Is Activated Through Vision!
I had a conversation this week with a visionary. During the conversation I recalled how every organisation I have ever led, has drawn people (in the first two years), so full of vision that the nuts and bolts people pulled their hair out. Why?
Vision inspires and brings momentum. Visionaries love such an environment as it allows for creativity, (an essential component to release vision) but it does not guarantee fulfilment. Vision needs practical, systematic, analytical support players. These analytical individuals however, can often frustrate visionaries, as they need clear lines of communication and boundaries.
Visionaries break boundaries and are often so caught up with new ideas, that communication is wrongly expected to be generated (through each individual player) that has partnered into the vision. Buying into the enthusiasm that is generated out of sharing the vision does not transfer automatically to fact based people.
I can hear everyone that has ever been a part of one of my teams shouting a loud "AMEN"!
Vision is powerful, but it must be measurable, definable and most of all achieved through multiple strategies. If you have got great ideas, an enthusiastic mandate and a passion to succeed, you need to heed this one statement!
You will never achieve it without the help of others!
I can tell instinctively those that will succeed in their vision, because they are big enough on the inside to recognise their weaknesses, yet strong enough to manage them. That"s why synergy demands momentum and momentum needs a clear strategy.


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