The Importance Of Having A Goal In ife

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At the age of twenty two, I read a book that described the importance of having a goal in life. In the books example, a survey had been carried out at a school. Students who had just taken their GCSES were asked to answer various questions, one of which asked, "Where would you like to be in five years time?"If you had asked me that question, when I was sixteen, I would have had to put down, that I had no idea, as it was not something I had ever had thought about.
The people who carried out the survey reported that only five out of one hundred answers were accepted as having a goal. Five years later, the students were tracked down and the five people who had had a goal, when their net asset worths were added together, the total amount was higher than all of the other ninety fives added together. Now of course money is not everything, however to me this shows that people who have a goal in life are more likely to be more successful than people who havent.
I then looked at my life I was twenty two and had a net asset worth of zero! I had been working for six years and had nothing to show for it. I then started to think about the future and started setting some of my own goals.
This has helped me in a very big way, to purchase for example my first house. I was not happy paying a landlord rent for the rest of my life as this was like throwing money down the drain. I decided that I wanted to buy my own house however knew that I required a deposit. I created a three year goal to obtain this deposit and worked out how much I would need to save each year etc.
I have also had weight problems and had a speech impedimet called stuttering. I decided to try to improve my life by overcoming the stutter and having a weight that I felt comfortable with. These were another two goals I created and reached.
Some people may see me as a bit of a freak, I do not care though as this new found attitude and belief in the importance of having a goal has made my life so much more happier and easier.


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