Set Smart Goals to Achieve More

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Are you having trouble achieving your goals, or getting through a period of no success? Then take the time to learn how to set SMART goals. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Tangible.
SpecificSetting specific goals is the key to all sorts of success. Most folks know the story about the 1954 Harvard class where they measured those who made goals and those who did not. Each time they grouped the goaloriented graduates into smaller and smaller groups: those who made goals every now and then, on a yearly basis, and on a monthly, weekly or daily basis, each subset of individuals ended up making more money, having free time and far more happiness than the others.
And guess what? The nogoal folks were left out in the cold and achieved almost nothing in comparison to those who set goals.
MeasurableThe more measurable something is, the easier it is to see if weve achieved, or not achieved, the desired outcome. If youre vague in your goals, and dont have a way to measure it, how will you know youve achieved it? You wont, its that simple. So make sure your goal can be measured, and youre done with step 2.
AttainableWhen you set goals that are the most important to you, you will find a way to make them happen. Thats a fact! You begin to find things that fit in with your goals, you develop a positive attitude, you work to develop new skills and abilities, and you somehow find the financial capacity to achieve them. You think of all the opportunities that youve left unanswered and you uncover new opportunities to help you achieve your goal.
You can do almost anything when you plan out the steps necessary to reach the goal, and set the time frame that holds you accountable to that goal. Things that never before were possible now are not only possible but are in fact probably, because youve learned and grown to match these tough goals. isting your goals helps you feel better about yourself, as you learn to see yourself worthy enough to achieve these goals, that you deserve these goals, and you reach these goals!
RealisticDo you want to aim for something youll never reach, or for something that is within your power? Remember, you have to be willing and able to do something, so make sure youre realistic in your goal setting. You definitely want to stretch and not set something you could do without effort, but if you know that there is absolutely no way you can physically run a 4 minute mile because you have arthritis, then dont make that your goal. Now keep in mind that with the Internet, email, and the globalization of the marketplace that you can achieve more than you ever thought possible, there still may be things that just arent possible. Dont set these as goals, set these as dreams, and point towards those. But set the attainable goals so you can get satisfaction from achieving more and more of your goals.
TangibleA goal is tangible when you can experience it with one of your five senses. That means if you can can taste it, touch it, smell it, see it or hear it. When your goal is tangible, or when you tie an tangible goal to a intangible goal, you have a better chance of making it specific and measurable and thus see it as more attainable to you.
So be SMART about your goal setting, read a book or 2 about goal settings, have others help you be more accountable to yourself for achieving these goals, and you will do more and be more than you ever dreamed possible!


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