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Can you guess about the future of any organization by looking at the faces of few employees and observing them for some time? I guess that you can. et me tell you how. Any organization that is heading towards worthwhile goals shows strong enthusiasm. The leader conveys the goals to the employees and the employees feel good about working in a organization that is not heading in a wrong direction or going downhill. The leader sells that vision to the employees and looking at the employees one can find out if they feel enthusiastic working or not.
If your goals are worthwhile and look attractive your employees will feel love working for the organization because they know that they will be reaching a great destination. While discussing about great goals let us quiz ourselves about the quality of the goals. The first question should be if the top management set the goals or the common employees were involved in the process. Was goal setting a participatory process?
The second question should be if the goals are realistic. Setting highly unrealistic goals may dampen the spirit because they will always look unattainable. If you set realistic but ambitious goals, you can enthuse your employees to achieve them.
Regular feedback will tell your employees about how much they have achieved and if their achievements are in line with the overall growth. Goal setting and goal achievements, both require employee participation of high order. They need to feel involved and inspired. Use right techniques to set goals and you will come out as a winner.


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