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Imagine that each person on this planet carried with them a teaspoon of soil or rock from Mt. Everest. Certainly Mt. Everest would shrink! Those individual teaspoons of material from the tallest mountain on Earth now in the pockets of billions of people also wouldnt mean much. Well I suppose each of us could put that small amount of mineral material into a bottle and keep it as a souvenir. But like most souvenirs we collect, we tire of dusting them and they become added to the already crowded drawer or box of meaningless, useless items. A teaspoon of dirt, in a jar, in a drawer, that by itself, means little.
But, wait a minute. What about its P0TENTIA?
From Websters Dictionary:"Contribute": to give or supply in common with othersWhat if each person on this planet brought their teaspoon of Mt. Everest to the site where it used to stand and contributed it? What would happen? Why, we would build the highest, mightiest mountain on EarthTOGETHER.
Good thought. Doubtful it would happen. Why not? ets explore that. We can start by applying this Mt. Everest metaphor to our own lives.
Modern times finds we human beings have, at least in the developed world, become rather insular (just think of the word "insulate"). We cocoon in our homes. We dont have time, we dont have enough money, we are tired. We dont have any time to ourselves, we go to work and slave for someone elses goals and often receive a pay cheque for much less than we feel we are worth. We provide for our families, do the myriad of tasks and chores in and for the home. Sacrifice for and fearfully protect our children. We amass debt to do many of these things. We feel trapped in a vortex of stress. And yet, with all this striving for what we think we want, if we are honest, we still feel unfulfilled and probably guilty for feeling that way!
Something elusive is still missing.
We are living our "separateness". We are not acknowledging our "interconnectedness".
We avoid asking ourselves "Who am I, why am I really here?" because we already know that we dont know or are afraid the answers will jolt us out of what we think is our comfort zone. Finding out may take more of that precious time we dont have or take more of that effort we are too tired to perform! Its one of those conundrums: we want to know, but we dont want to know because it may shake up our lives, it may cause our lives it comes..CHANGE! And human beings dont like change, yet it is the one thing we can all count on. So there we are, unfulfilled vs. having to change. Yup, its scary. But so worth it!
Have you ever listened to Nelson Mandela, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Mother Theresa, the Dali ama or so many other highly spiritually evolved human beings? And I mean really listened to them? Would you say all of them know "who" they are? And are they living their purpose, their passion? Of course. We can feel that they are. All of them have their roots in different countries, all of them teach the same message, which is, we are all interconnected. We were not put on this earth to be separate, we are all teaspoons of the Whole. And the way we can come together and build a "Mt. Everest" world of harmony is through contribution.
We likely think of ways in which to contribute as the usual volunteering our time or donating our money. Heck, we receive unsolicited begging for money via telemarketing phone calls and the postal system on an endless basis! Of course charitable organizations do need our donations of time and money, but there is another, more intangible way to "add your teaspoon". It is through fulfilling your lifes Purpose. This means:iving life intentionally, not by accidentCapturing the essence of what it means to be fully aliveYou have a powerful direction in your lifeYou make choices that increase the value of life to yourself and othersBeing fulfilled today and every dayiving your life based on your valuesDue to our spiritual interconnectedness, there is no true life Purpose that does not include contribution. And there is no contribution that does not include reward for you, tangible or intangible. You are here to make a difference on this planet. Wouldnt you like to know what you will leave behind, the difference you will make in the lives of those you touch?
Your life Purpose is an underlying theme to your life, not a specific job, parenting or partnering. Your Purpose can be fulfilled through these, but it is not these. Your life Purpose is not to be a title, it is to do something, something that contributes. Never underestimate your power, your "teaspoon" has the potential to become Mt. Everest! You can be fulfilling your life Purpose with as little as an acknowledgment, a warm touch, a phone call, a letter, a kind smile or word, lending an ear, anything that contributes to the mental, physical or emotional well being of another living soul. Or conversely, refraining from judgment, harsh words within or without the presence of the target, anything that you know, deep in your heart, would be hurtful to another.
The special wording of your purpose is uniquely yours. Certain words have specific meaning to each of us. When you speak your purpose, something physical happens to you, you know this is you. Others hearing it may not feel that power, because it is not theirs, but it is not meant to impress anyone else, it is the Universe speaking to your heart and that is all that matters.
Who ynn is and what I am here to do is the following:"I am a strong and free woman, leading people to discover their true value"When I say this I feel an angel kiss my forehead, my heart is full and I have such a peace and understanding. And even better, I know I am contributing to the lives of others.
Up to now, I have been fulfilling my life Purpose to about 80% potential in the career aspect of my life. It is through Personal ife Coaching that I know I am fulfilling my lifes Purpose 100%. I know the potential of my teaspoon and through my Purpose I hope to touch as many lives as I can reach to enable them to know their potential as well.
You are not separate, you are connected, just Plug in with a Purpose!


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