Our Destiny Begins From Within Ourselves

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What is success ? There are many definitions. One that I hear often is "to do (or to live according to) what you want". That is true, but I would complete the definition by adding and underlining: "knowing what you really want". In fact, we are often pushed to go and put our energy in achieving what we are "supposed" to want, and we may give not enough attention in making sure about what we really want. I say "supposed" to want because there are many external factors that condition us and determine our beliefes around what is good and what is not, what is a good goal and what is not, and so on. But the selfawareness about who we really are and what we really want is the premise to achieving any real, long lasting success in our life. Without this, we are likely to move along two ways: One is the walk around life aimless, without a goal. The other is to pursue an aim that, on a deep level, we do not feel like really ours. In both these situation we find difficulties in expressing and manifesting our full potential. Even if we keep on repeating ourselves that we have a certain goal, if we are not deeply convinced of it, it will be difficult for us to really put all the necessary energy and committment. Our inner conflicts and not clear intentions interfere with our actions. Things turn around dramaticly when we know what we really want. Not only we feel and use another level of energy, but also we experience a feeling of peace and trust. We are then ready to manifest what we have inside in the world around us and create the destiny we deserve. We achieve dramatic improvement in all the key areas of our life: relationships, body, financial state. All we need is already within us now, but we need to really find it, listen to it, and translate it into our realities. When we dedicate time to this research within ourselves, we spend well our time, in my opinion. In the selfimprovement world, there are also techniques that can help in this process and speed it up. It is a promising and fashinating research. Just one more, appearently small idea, can have a huge impact in our whole life.
Best wishes,Roberto Zarotti


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