Keep Your Attention On What You Want

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Have you ever wondered: "How does this aw of Attraction really work? Can I really attract only what I want?"You Can! It requires you to make many conscious choices. Most of the time it seems much easier to notice what we dont like or want and to focus by complaining about that. The ***trick*** is to become clear about what DO you want and to keep your attention on THAT!
Ill share a personal story that will demonstrate how the aw of Attraction works in every day life:I am going to move to the west coast soon. Having lived on the Canadian prairies for more than 30 years, the prospect of returning to a warmer climate is bringing me much joy!
I am keeping my attention on where I want to live. In fact, I just visited the city I have my attention on, did a whirlwind tour with a realtor and found the ideal area I want to live in.
In the old days, I would be focused on (obsessed with) my current situation and what I need to do to change the "reality" of where I am right now. But according to the aw of Attraction, placing my attention on what I do NOT want would bring more of THAT into my life.
It is so much more fun to think about where I am wanting to live. I took a walk along the ocean and discovered some special stones which I brought back to Saskatchewan. These stones are now arranged in a small bowl next to my computer monitor where I can see them all day long. They provide a good focal point for keeping my attention upon where I want to be.
I have placed sea shells and starfish throughout my house as reminders of the oceanwhere I am wanting to live. There are sea shells in the bathroom, along the bath tub and next to the sink. In the kitchen, I arranged sea shells in a dish and placed them on a counter top where I cant miss seeing them. Ive placed sea shells and a starfish IN my bed, so that if I awaken during the night, I can reach for them and remind myself of where I am wanting to be.
More and more I am daydreaming about my new location. While I was physically there, I made many mental picturespictures of myself shopping or having coffee at a sidewalk cafe or entertaining friends in my new condopictures of everyday life as I want to be living it.
At first, when I told people about my upcoming move, I felt uncertain and tentative about my decision. Thats normal. We are only comfortable with what we know already...anything new or unexperienced will feel strangeuntil the "new and unexperienced" becomes so normal and real in our minds that the Universe just HAS to give it to us.
In fact, that is all the Universe is waiting forfor you to spend so much time living the life you want in your mind that the ONY thing left is to give you the life you are wanting!
In closing, bring to mind something that you are desiring...close your eyes and picture yourself actually enjoying what you are wanting. Engage all your sensespretend to smell it or taste it. What would it physically feel like? Thats the first step in deliberately attracting what you REAY want!


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