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Do you know what intrapersonal communications is? Many have not even heard of the word, yet it can be one of your most valuable tools to achieving your goals. Many ask, "Isn"t that like interpersonal?" No.
Intra means self, getting personal with your self. And I mean intellectually. Intrapersonal communications is your thoughts & conversations with yourself. And the ones that can benefit you the most are the ones that use all of your senses. You see when you tell your self what you desire and see the image in your mind, you are bring clarity to your desire. When you add in your other senses, of what it feel, smell, taste like etc, you are then reinforcing the importance to yourself.
I think that in today"s society we are taught not to talk to ourselves. There is almost a stigmatism that you are some how not ok if you do. Yet, the irony is that, the successful people in the world, the ones that succeed and achieve their dreams and desires, the ones that are the movers and the shakers, talk to themselves. And they do it daily.
And what are they saying? Several things actually.

    They are:Encouraging themselves when things get challenging.
    They know that it can be easy to slide into fear, worry or negativity and that it is important to stay positive. They understand it"s important to look for solutions and be open to ideas to realize that all things are possible. You can"t do this if you are bemoaning what is happening to you.
    They also understand that it is through failures that we learn the best and the fastest. They see the challenges as steppingstones to the next level and they remind themselves of that factor.
    As well, they are asking themselves,
  • What are my goals for the year?
  • What do I want to accomplish?
  • What does it look and feel like?
  • What are the details?
  • When will this be done by?
  • How will I achieve this?
  • Who"s help do I need?
I have heard from many of them that they will go onestep further and even meditate on the questions they have until they answers or solutions come to them. And sometimes, when they see a solution, they think forward and ask, And then what? What else do I need to know and do to succeed?This is one of the reasons that their success is almost assured. They know what they want and they know how they are going to get it. Their communication skills with themselves, are practiced and followed through on.
I have also noticed that people who don"t speak with themselves, will just quickly make a new years resolution and then forget about it. There is no clarity or details on what it is or how it will happen. There is no emotion or desire driving them towards it. Then another year goes by and they sit and wonder why hasn"t anything changed.
My desire for you is to choose to make 2006, the year that you make a difference. The year that you discover the value and benefits of Intrapersonal Communication. Choose now to find out who you really are. Start talking with yourself today and really get to know yourself on a more personal level.


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