Driving To Your Goals

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Every time you get in your car to go anywhere, you are working on achieving a goal. There is somewhere you want to be, so you take action to get there. The three major things that get you where you want to go when driving are a specific destination, directions for getting there, and a way to track your progress. You must also have these three things to achieve any goal.
Specific DestinationBefore even getting into your car, you must know where you are going. Unless you have a specific destination, youre just moving the car and wasting gas. There isnt anything particularly wrong with this; some people enjoy just driving around and looking at the scenery. But if you want to get somewhere, you must know where you are going.
When setting your goals, you must know exactly what it is that you want. Get a clear picture of it in your mind. If its a new job, picture yourself in that job. If its more money, visualize that monthly bank statement. Imagine what you will feel like when you reach whatever it is you are striving for. Write it down, like you would write down the address of a house you are visiting for the first time.
DirectionsIf this is a destination youve been to before, you dont need directions. Its automatic, like tying your shoes or chewing your food. But what if its somewhere youve never been before? How do you get there?
You ask. You ask someone whos been there before. You pull out a map. You check the Internet. The directions may not be perfect, and often they arent. "Its either the second or third light, I cant remember which," is something often heard when getting driving directions. But you get the best directions you can.
Goal setting is the same. You get in touch with others who already have what you want. You read books, you listen to tapes, you attend seminars. You get as much information as possible that will assist you in reaching your goal.
Tracking Your ProgressYou know where you are going and youve got your directions, so now its time to take some action! You hop in the car and youre off!
But wait! It wasnt the second or third light, it was the fourth! So what do you do when you realize you are off course? You check your map, you pull into the nearest gas station, or you make a phone call. You try to get back on track. But you dont give up! You dont turn around at the first closed road and go back home, saying "I didnt really want to get there anyway." If this were to happen, youd never get anywhere you hadnt been before, and your life would be pretty limited. Even if you have to head all the way back home, you start again. Eventually, you get to that destination, and isnt it even more exciting when you get there after a difficult journey!
You may get sidetracked on your journey. If you get hungry, you stop for a bite. If you need to use the restroom, you stop to take care of that. But do you stay stopped? Do you sit in the restroom all day, wondering why you arent where you want to be? No, you do what you need to do and continue on.
Dont quit on your goals, either. There may be setbacks, dead ends, even car accidents. But dont forget that youll never get there if you dont keep taking action and moving towards your destination. When that prospect says no, its not a failure; its another mile under your belt. When nothing seems to happen for a long period of time, youre just getting closer to that next landmark. If youre not sure what to do next, dont be too embarrassed to stop and ask for those directions!


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