5 Tips to Increase Your Chances of Actually Achieving Your New Years Resolutions

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Even in January, more and more people forget about the wellmeaning resolutions they made on New Years to improve their lives.
Here are five tips from my new book, Inside Every Woman, Using the 10 Strengths You Didnt Know You Had to Get the Career and ife You Want Now, to turn resolution road kill into a thing of the past.

1. Stop being a commitment queen. Eliminate one or two items from your busy schedule to free up time to pursue your passionate interests. Which will they be?

2. Do something even if its wrong. Ninety percent of success is showing up. Whether youre selling an idea, trying to land a new client or learning how to paint, the point is, you have to show up. What idea will you pursue this year?

3. Plan for growth. In life, as in business, when you neglect growth, the passion inside you cools. Plan not only for a bigger house or an updated vehicle, but for inner growth. Try to reinvent yourself on a regular basis. You dont want to wake up five years from now and greet the same woman in the mirror. You want to see a new person who has transcended former boundaries.

4. Challenge your obstacles. et go of the notion that you dont have enough time, energy, money or discipline to do what it takes to succeed. When you challenge that thought you will magically make more things happen.

5. Stick with it and endure. Many women who fail in reaching their goals simply turn back too soon. The path is long and the terrain is tough. When your endurance is tested and youre tempted to give up, remember this: You will miss not only the gold at the end of the rainbow, but also a wealth of other treats along the way.
Heres wishing you a Happy New You. And remember: We are women and we can do anything!


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